The Face of the Deep

Client: David C. Cook Publishers

This project was a collaboration with author Paul Pastor for his book The Face of the Deep. 

The content of the book is presented through 14 essays, each centering on a particular aspect of the Holy Spirit. The book is arranged into two pairs of seven, inspired by Spirit-related symbols from the book of Revelation. “Seven Stars" are key passages from the Hebrew Scriptures (or Old Testament). “Seven Lampstands” are key passages from the Greek scriptures of the early church (the New Testament). 

My job was to create 14 iconic illustrations to act as a visual spark at the beginning of each essay - symbols to activate an encounter with the Spirit that the author was calling his readers to. 

While I wanted to try and catch the energy and mystery of the Spirit in this set of images, I felt it was equally important to contain that energy in simple, direct symbols, both in style and concept, that reflect our lives in the here and now – physical, accessible, “real stuff” that we see and experience.

Here, the seven Star icons are followed by the seven Lampstand icons (presented with a flame motif).