Harlem Swing Posters

I created this set of six posters to promote the work of The Harlem Swing Dance Society in NYC. With each image I set out to capture the dynamism, physicality, and elegance of unique dance moves from the Savoy Ballroom of the 1930’s, showing individual dancers in moments of personal expression and improvisation. By placing two posters side by side, the set reveals another aspect of Swing by forming a variety of “dance partners”, interacting and reacting with one another to create multiple impressions of creative collaboration.

The Harlem Swing Dance Society is a non-profit organization promoting, propagating, preserving, and protecting Swing Dance and Lindy Hop culture in its Harlem home - back to its Harlem roots. In addition, this group seeks to restore Harlem youth to their cultural identity by connecting them with one of the most dynamic and important art movements in history, the Harlem Renaissance. 

Client: The Harlem Swing Society

Art Director: Allison Jones