Exile Poster Project 2013

2.3 Million

My poster for the 2013 Exile Poster Project Exhibition based on the theme of Prisoners. 

There are approximately 2.3 million people currently incarcerated in the US. This image seeks to express the internal journey that prisoners travel each day of their lives. The young people I've worked with have to face the fact they have crossed a line that changed their lives forever. For some, it means a life behind bars. My hope for them - and that hope is embedded in this poster, is that they "stay alive" - stay liberated and free in the midst of the chains and walls around them. The flame motif is the symbolic representation of spirit and humility and hope still alive in each of these individuals. Those that know the pain they have caused others and are willing to own it, and move towards a new identity, are moving in a positive direction - an upward direction. My main message is that our current system of punishment must change and include a vision for the transformation of individuals. I want to believe transformation can happen. The image is a symbol of the potential hope of new life in the darkness.