Mark Posters

Posters from an on-going series for Imago Dei, an innovative church based in Portland, Oregon. The following refection is a collaborative effort of vision and words with writer Alex Davis, expressing the core themes in the project:

Made in a Maker’s image, we constantly mark the world. Seen and unseen, whether the physical or the emotional spheres - we cant’ help impressing our image upon things. We leave marks, symbols, traces, designs - and just as often scars, bruises, dents, and brands.

I believe when Jesus says love each other as I have loved you, He is transforming the world and calling us to transform it with him. In this one simple command he obliterates our relativism. Suddenly the way we should mark the world is no longer unfixed - unless it is, fixed to a cross.

So although art grants us exhilarating freedom to make a million marks, if those marks lack love - the kind of love we see in Jesus - then even combined they matter incomparably less than one child’s sloppy finger painting offered to mom.

Through community and discipline, the marks we make have the potential to connect increasingly with the passion of the Christ we are striving to know. On one hand, there’s a lot to that. On the other, its as simple as deciding what you make and for whom. 

Client: Imago Dei