Where the Spirit 

Where the Spirit is a project inspired by the origins and lives of my two children, while serving as an homage to orphaned street children around the world. It is a series of character studies of a scarecrow who finds itself outcast in a foreign environment, useless and unneeded. When a spirit-wind invades the scene, it invites the Scarecrow to come explore a new reality. 

Where the Spirit tells a universal story: Everywhere, always, there are children who are exiled and abandoned, thrown away, dropped in the cracks, lost, forgotten. Today, like the scarecrow, as many as 150 million children are living on the streets. Like the Scarecrow, they remain largely unseen, ignored, and for all effects treated like trash.

The prayer infused in Where the Spirit is that more and more of us would be moved by a spirit of love and seek out these children, lift them, pry them, love them out of despair, and show them that where the spirit of love is, the is freedom and goodness and life.